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Germane derives from the Latin word germen, meaning " bud" or " sprout, " which is also at the root of our verb germinate, meaning " to sprout" or " begin to develop. Jan 13, · Most germane to the episode, for Lisa, Valentine’ s Day means being the only person in her entire class to give Ralph a Valentine after noticing him looking crestfallen and alone at his desk. Germane meaning: Ideas or information that is germane to a particular subject or situation is connected with and important to it:. Like the related compounds silane and methane, germane is tetrahedral. Germane is the chemical compound with the formula Ge H 4, and the germanium analogue of methane. If you are giving a speech on dog training, stick to the germane, canine stuff. 1924, Aristotle, Metaphysics. Something that is germane to a situation or idea is connected with it in an important way. Proteze de șold germane. Germaine Lindsay, a British- Jamaican terrorist Germaine de Randamie ( born 1984), Dutch kickboxer and mixed martial artist Germaine Tailleferre, French composer. Catnip toys, hamster wheels, and the use of a saddle. Relevant to a subject under consideration. Topics that would not be germane? Definition of germane in English: germane. ‘ that is not germane to our theme’ More example sentences ‘ As I explained in my last e- mail the first e- mail exchange we had is no longer germane. The suppression of a number of documents which were very germane to the case. The germaneness doctrine may apply where ( 1) the taxpayer files a formal claim within the limitation period, making a specific claim, and ( 2) after the limitation period, but while the IRS still has jurisdiction over the claim, the taxpayer files a formal amendment raising a new legal theory ( not specifically raised in the original claim) that is germane to the original claim.
Germane means relevant; it fits in. It is the simplest germanium hydride and one of the most useful compounds of germanium. " An early sense of germane referred specifically to children of the same parents, who were perhaps seen as being like buds on a single tree.

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